A Message from Meredith

Hello and thank you for visiting my website and your consideration for supporting me in the race for the Ohio House of Representatives in 2020!

I am a wife, married to Adam Roslovic, and the mother of 2 children, Merritt, who is a Jr. at The Ohio State University and Declan, who is a Sophomore at New Albany. I am also an advocate for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and local and global missions to fight poverty, hunger and sex-trafficking in Ohio such as Out of Darkness, Stowe Mission and Compassion’s Way.

I would also like to share a couple things about myself such as my upbringing and experiences that have shaped me into the woman I am today; ready and able to serve and lead the state and citizens that raised me.

I grew up in Pickerington, Ohio and I was raised by my single mother and grandparents. My mom worked 2 jobs to support us. While I missed her terribly, she was my role model for never giving up and how hard work and dedication can improve the quality of your life.

By the grace of God, good grades and financial assistance I attended Capital University and I became the first person in my family to graduate from college. My senior year, I was Pan-Hel president, on the homecoming court and was the first marketing department intern at WBNS-10TV.

After graduation, I got a job with News 88 at the CBS Blackrock Building in New York.  I also worked for Nippon Television, Intuit and Sony. I was in New York for 8 years, Dallas for 1 year and Toronto for 5 years.

During this time, I also met and married my first husband when I was 30 years old. We returned to New Albany in time for our daughter to start kindergarten our and to be near my family. All was not well, however, because he struggled with a drug addiction. We divorced in 2006. As a family we worked together to aid him in his recovery. He is now sober and a wonderful father and friend to us all.

In 2009, I met and married a very special man, Adam Roslovic. The children and I are truly blessed to have him in our lives.

When my son started Kindergarten, it was my plan to return to the corporate world. But this would never happen because at age 6 my son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune disease. It is incurable and life threatening. My son’s pancreas could no longer make insulin and we all need insulin to survive.

But I believe God had a plan for me and my son that was far greater than we could imagine; we joined the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and for the last 10 years my entire family has become tireless warriors to fund research and find a cure for this disease. My husband Adam is on the executive board, we’ve been named volunteers of the year, and have chaired the annual Fund A Cure Ball.

My love and work for this foundation opened my eyes to the non-profit world. Therefore, I began using my business experience to volunteer and fundraise for Columbus area missions and charities that support the hungry, homeless, hurting and ill people among us. This has been my passion and my purpose.

This is my personal story and it’s why I am here today. I am running for State Representative for District 19. With the same dedication and perseverance that I work to address the needs and issues of the non-profits and missions I serve today. I will work to affect positive changes in our state.

I will use my business experience to work with our companies to ensure they thrive and develop strategies that continue to grow, develop and invest in our work force, education, public policy and philanthropy.

Secondly, I lived in Canada and I experienced socialized medicine first-hand. I had surgery in Canada and delivered a baby there. Socialized medicine, it’s extreme tax burden on its citizens and its failures are a primary reason that I returned home.

I also have a child with a life threatening disease. I am working with doctors, insurance companies and medical device developers on a regular basis. I realize our system is not perfect. I will use my life experience as your State Representative, and roll up my sleeves and continue to work with our doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, insurance companies and most importantly the patients to discover ways to keep healthcare accessible, and affordable to our residents without sacrificing the outstanding quality of care we currently have.

Lastly, I experienced drug addiction under my own roof. This is personal! I have friends and family members who are victims of drug abuse and addiction right now. It is affecting our schools and workforce, and taxing our police, firefighters, and hospitals. It is tearing apart families, and destroying our communities.

I am grateful we have Governor DeWine in our corner and for his creation of the Recovery Ohio initiative to coordinate and improve how the state addresses mental health and substance use. As your State Representative I will work without ceasing to fight and end this epidemic that is not only threatening the safety and well-being of all of us, but killed 4,854 people in Ohio in 2017 alone.

Thank you for reading my message and allowing me to share my story and my heart. I’m asking you to come alongside me on this journey and for your support in this race to become your State Representative in 2020. I’m looking forward to serving and working with every resident in District 19 to make our great state of Ohio exemplary in our nation.

God bless you and our great state!

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