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Meredith Freedhoff Has Lived the Challenges Facing Ohio

Executive at Major Tech Companies / Been There.

Only Woman in the Boardroom / Done That.

Single Mom / By the Grace of God.

Drug and Health Crises / Under Her Roof.

Ready to Lead and Share Her Story / You Bet.


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Westerville, New Albany and Gahanna lets work together to keep Ohio strong!

“For 2 years, I was my son’s pancreas.” – Meredith Freedhoff

Meredith is mother to a son with Type 1 diabetes.

When you’ve done hand-to-hand combat with a disease that threatens the life of your child, you don’t settle for anything less than total competence and clarity from healthcare providers and insurance companies.

Healthcare decisions belong in the hands of people and their doctors. Costs should be discussed up front. No company or agency should ever stand between us and top-quality healthcare.

“I was a software executive who helped launch the first Sony Playstation. Most of the time, I was the only woman in the boardroom.” – Meredith Freedhoff 

Ohio’s comeback has lifted up families and turned around a lot of desperate situations. When taxes go down and job creation is encouraged, opportunities are better for everyone. 

Now is not the time for politicians to say “everything is going great so it’s ok for the government to spend more money.” This is the time to keep moving forward, it is not a time to move backwards.

“I faced the despair of drug addiction under my roof in my first marriage.” – Meredith Freedhoff

Meredith’s first marriage ended, in part, due to drug addiction. Although the marriage ended, by the grace of God, her support for her ex-husband did not. He is now sober and they are friends and co-parents.

Today’s drug crisis doesn’t just exist in back alleys or nightspots. It happens in the daylight, in our neighborhoods, to good people. It can start with painkillers after surgery, a tragic accident, or kids looking for an edge in sports or academics. 

Meredith Freedhoff has spent years working with drug-addiction in ministries across Columbus. She has seen first-hand how it affects our families, first-responders and workforce.

She’ll attack the drug problem with experience and empathy for the addicted and with strong support for law enforcement as they go after dealers and drug suppliers.

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